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Volume 29, Issue 1

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Environmental and Health Regulation: Assessing Liability Under Investment Treaties

Rahim Moloo & Justin Jacinto

Anti-Dumping and Distrust: Reducing Anti-Dumping Duties Under the W.T.O. Through Heightened Scrutiny

Reid M. Bolton

Decisions Detained: The Court's Embrace of Complexity in Guantanamo-Related Litigation

Joshua Alexander Geltzer

Toward a European Model of Same-Sex Marriage Rights: A Viable Pathway for the U.S.

Christy M. Glass, Nancy Kubasek, Elizabeth Kiester

The Right to Truth in the Fight Against Impunity

Dermot Groome

Amicus Curiae in International Investment Arbitration: The Implications of an Increase in Third-Party Participation

Eugenia Levine

Awarding Moral Damages to Respondent States in Investment Arbitration

Matthew T. Parish, Annalise K. Newlson, Charles B. Rosenberg

Hyper-Presidentialism: Separation of Powers Without Checks and Balances in Argentina and Philippines

Susan Rose-Ackerman, Diane A. Desierto, Natalia Volosin

The Five Levels of CSR Compliance: The Resiliency of Corporate Liability Under the Alien Tort Statute and the Case for a Counterattack Strategy in Compliance Theory

David Scheffer & Caroline Kaeb

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