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Basic Guidelines

  • All submissions from contributors must be timely

    • For example, while an application of legal theory to a current international

event or policy is great, a general overview of a legal or political

theory is not appropriate for the blog. That does not mean historically

situated pieces don’t qualify! We just want to make sure they are engaging

and relevant. If you are not sure if your piece is right, just ask!

  • As a general rule, posts must be more than simply explanatory pieces. They

should contain a central thesis.

  • Exception for pieces that aim to clarify an event, policy, or other

internationally significant matter that has produced confusion or

misunderstanding. These pieces should aim to avoid one-sided accounts.


Formatting and Grammar Requirements


  • Submissions should be roughly between 700-1,200 words.

  • Submissions should be formatted as doc or docx so that editors can provide easy

          feedback and edits.

  • Include a title and sub-headings as necessary.

  • All claims must be supported by hyperlinks, not footnotes.

  • The blog follows the Chicago Manual of Style. While editors are happy to correct

grammar errors and formatting issues, pieces submitted that have many

careless errors will be returned to authors for proofreading before consideration.





 Author Information  


  • Please submit a short bio (a few sentences) to be included with the piece.



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