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Volume 27, Issue 1

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The Mystery of Guantanamo Bay Jefferson Lecture - University of California, Berkeley - September 17, 2008

Linda Greenhouse

Protean Jus Ad Bellum

Sean D. Murphy

The Comparative Law and Economics of Judicial Councils

Nuno Garoupa & Tom Ginsburg

Curse or Cure? China, Africa, and the Effects of Unconditional Wealth

Patrick J. Kennan

The United Nations Responses to the Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Women and Girls by Peacekeepers During Peacekeeping Missions

Muna Ndulo

Extraterritorial Electioneering and the Globalization of American Elections

Zephyr Teachout

From Nuclear War to Net War: Analogizing Cyber Attacks in International Law

Scott J. Shackelford

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