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Volume 24, Issue 3

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Welcome to Europe, but Please Stay Out: Freedom of Movement and the May 2004 Expansion of the European Union

Natalie Shimmel

Methods and Approaches in Choice of Law: An Economic Perspective

Giesela Ruhl

Protecting the Freedom of Transit of Petroleum: Transnational Lawyers Making (Up) International Law in the Caspian

Abigail S. Reyes

Rules, Gaps and Power: Assessing Reform of the U.N. Charter

Yonatan Lupu

A New Geography of Abuse? The Contested Scope of U.S. Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment Obligations

Craig Forcese

Financial Privacy in the United States and the European Union: A Path to Transatlantic Regulatory Harmonization

Virginia Boyd

The Trafficking of Ethiopian Domestic Workers into Lebanon: Navigating Through a Novel Passage of the International Maid Trade

Khaled Ali Beydoun

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