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Volume 23, Issue 1

Click the PDF button above to access the full volume. Individual article PDFs are linked below:

Room for Law: Realism, Evolutionary Biology, and the Promise(s) of International Law

John K. Setear

Hidden Slave: Forced Labor in the United States

Free the Slaves, Washington, D.C., and the Human Rights Center of the University of California, Berkeley

Toward a Rule of Law Society in Iraq: Introducing Clinical Legal Education into Iraqi Law Schools

Haider Ala Hamoudi

Why State Consent Still Matters- Non-State Actors, Treaties, and the Changing Sources of International Law

Duncan B. Hollis

Recognition and Enforcement of U.S. Money Judgments in Germany

Wolfgang Wurmnest

Balancing Minority Rights and Gender Justice: The Impact of Protecting Multiculturalism on Women's Rights in India

Pratibha Jain

Rights and Their Limits: The Constitution for Europe in International and Comparative Legal Perspective

Roza Pati

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