Volume 21, Issue 2

Note: The compiled PDF is not available for this volume. Individual article PDFs are linked below:

Many Roads to Justice for Women: A Foreword to the Symposium Issue of the Berkeley Journal of International Law

Carolyn Patty Blum

Stefan A. Riesenfeld Award Lecture - Crimes Against Women Under International Law

Louise Arbour

Family Separation as a Violation of International Law

Sonja Starr & Lea Brilmayer

Prosecuting Wartime Rape and Other Gender-Related Crimes Under International Law: Extraordinary Advances, Enduring Obstacles

Kelly D. Askin

Rape As an Act of Genocide

Sherrie L. Russell-Brown

Sexual Slavery and the Comfort Women of World War II

Carmen M. Argibay

Feminists in International Human Rights: The Changer and the Changed

Kathryn Abrams

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