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Volume 20, Issue 1

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The Role of the United States Government in Recent Holocaust Claims Resolution

Ronald J. Bettauer

The Holocaust Restitution Movement in Comparative Perspective

Michael J. Bazyler

The Amorality of Profit: Transnational Corporations and Human Rights

Beth Stephens

Corporate Complicity: From Nuremberg to Rangoon - An Examination of Forced Labor Cases and Their Impact on the Liability of Multinational Corporations

Anita Ramasastry

Can Lawyers and Judges Be Good Historians: A Critical Examination of the Siemens Slave-Labor Cases

Stephen Whinston

From the Luxembourg Agreement to Today: Representing a People

Karen Heilig

Restitution Negotiations - The Role of Diplomacy

H.E. Peter Moser

Confronting the Nazi Past at the End at the 20th Century: The Austrian Model

Eric Rosand

The Settlement of Nazi-Era Litigation through the Executive and Judicial Branches

Morris A. Ratner

Taking Responsibility: Moral and Historical Perspectives on the Japanese War-Reparations Issues

Harry N. Scheiber

The Claims Resolution Tribunal and Holocaust Claims against Swiss Banks

Roger P. Alford

World War II Compensation and Foreign Relations Federalism

Curtis A. Bradley

The Settlement of War-Related Claims: Does International Law Recognize a Victim's Private Right of Action - Lessons after 1945

Rudolf Dolzer

Policy Implications of World War II Reparations and Restitution as Applied to the Former Yugoslavia

Mark S. Ellis & Elizabeth Hutton

Closing Remarks - The Next Fifty Years

Jakob Finci

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