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Volume 19, Issue 2

Click the PDF button above to access the full volume. Individual article PDFs are linked below:

Globalization, Path Dependency and the Limits of Law: Administrative Law Reform and Rule of Law in the People's Republic of China

Randall Peerenboom

Global Migration: The Impact of Newcomers on Japanese Immigration and Labor Systems

Sumi Shin

Moderate Torture on Trial: Critical Reflections on the Israeli Supreme Court Judgement Concerning the Legality of General Security Service Interrogation Methods

Ardi Imseis

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and Corporate Subsidies of Agencies or Instrumentalities of Foreign States

Andrew Loewenstein

Preventing Human Rights Abuses by Regulating Arms Brokering: The U.S. Brokering Amendment to the Arms Export Control Act

Elise Keppler

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