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Volume 18, Issue 1

Click the PDF button above to access the full volume. Individual article PDFs are linked below:

The European Union's Constitutional Order - Between Community Method and Ad Hoc Compromise

Youri Devuyst

International Legal Mechanisms for Combating Transnational Organized Crime: The Need for a Multilateral Convention

CarrieLyn Donigan Guymon

Justice, Accountability and Social Reconstruction: An Interview Study of Bosnian Judges and Prosecutors

The Human Rights Center and the International Human Rights Law Clinic, University of California, Berkeley, and the Centre for Human Rights, University of Sarajevo

TRIPS in Seattle: The Not-So-Surprising Failure and the Future of the TRIPS Agenda

Frederick M. Abbott

International Disability Law - A New Legal Subject on the Rise: The Interregional Experts' Meeting in Hong Kong, December 13-17, 1999

Theresia Degener

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