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Volume 14, Issue 2

Note: The compiled PDF is not available for this volume. Individual article PDFs are linked below:

The U.S. International Tax Treatment of Partnerships: A Policy-Based Approach

David L. Forst

Diverting the Danube: The Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Dispute and International Freshwater Law

Aaron Schwabach

Russia's Sberbank and a Fresh Look at the Glass- Steagall Act

Paul Anawalt

The Tangled Web of Sovereignty and Self- Governance: Canada's Obligation to the Cree Nation in Consideration of Quebec's Threats to Secede

Glen St.Louis

The UN's Prevention Pipe-Dream

Thomas G. Weiss

Rebuilding with Broken Tools: Build-Operate- Transfer Law in Vietnam

Laura A. Malinasky

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