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Volume 28, Issue 1

Click the PDF button above to access the full volume. Individual article PDFs are linked below:

Human Rights and the Law of the Sea

Tullio Treves

When Two Laws are Better than One: Protecting the Rights of Migrant Workers

Marsha Chien

Corporate Social Responsibility in China: Window Dressing or Structural Change?

Li-Wen Lin

Prisoner Disenfranchisement: Four Judicial Approaches

Michael Plaxton & Heather Lardy

Responsibility of the State Under International Law for the Breach of Contract Committed by a State-Owned Entity

Michael Feit

Square Peg in a Round Hole: Government Contractor Battlefield Tort Liability and the Political Question Doctrine

Chris Jenks

The Origins of Due Process in India: The Role of Borrowing in Personal Liberty and Preventive Detention Cases

Manoj Mate

Regional Minorities, Immigrants, and Migrants: The Reframing of Minority Language Rights in Europe

Stella Burch Elias

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