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Volume 26, Issue 1

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Karima Bennoune

Convicting the Innocent in Transnational Criminal Cases: A Comparative Institutional Analysis Approach to the Problem

L. Song Richardson

The Judge Who Knew Too Much: Issue Conflicts in International Adjudication

Joseph R. Brubaker

Dignitarian Posthumous Personality Rights - An Analysis of U.S. and German Constitutional and Tort Law

Hannes Rosler

Bargaining in the Shadow of Violence: The NPT, IAEA, and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Negotiations

Arsalan M. Suleman

Getting Paid: Processing the Labor Disputes of China's Migrant Workers

Aaron Halegua

How Much Time is Reasonable?- The Arbitral Decisions Under Article 21.3(c) of the DSU

Shin-yi Peng

From Whipped Cream to Multibillion Euro Financial Collapse: The European Regulation on Transnational Insolvency in Action

Matteo M. Winkler

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