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Volume 23, Issue 2

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David D. Caron, Laurel E. Fletcher, James Gordley, Andrew T. Guzman

A Tribute to Richard Buxbaum

James Gordley

Reflections on Germany, the Legal Academy, and Social Engagement: An Interview with Richard Buxbaum

Laurel E. Fletcher

Bibliography of Works by Richard M. Buxbaum

Marci Hoffman

A Legal History of International Reparations

Richard M. Buxbaum

The Historian and Holocaust Restitution: Personal Experiences and Reflections

Gerald Feldman

Developing a Theory of Democracy for the European Union

Martin Nettesheim

Re-examining Nuremberg as a New Deal Institution: Politics, Culture and the Limits of Law in Generating Human Rights Norms

Elizabeth Borgwardt

Mass Claims Proceedings in Practice - A Few Lessons Learned

Pierre A. Karrer

German Legal Culture and the Globalization of Competition Law: A Historical Perspective on the Expansion of Private Antitrust Enforcement

Hannah L. Buxbaum

German Reunification in Historical Perspective

Robert M. Berdahl

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