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Volume 29, Issue 2

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Toward an International Law of Piracy Sui Generis: How the Dual Nature of Maritime Piracy Law Enables Piracy to Flourish

Lucas Bento

Think Globally, Sue Locally: Trends and Out-of-Court Tactics in Transitional Tort Actions

Jonathan C. Drimmer & Sarah R. Lamoree

The United States and the International Criminal Court Post-Bush: A Beautiful Courtship but an Unlikely Marriage

Megan A. Fairlie

The Past Decade of Regulatory Change in the U.S. and EU Capital Market Regimes: An Evolution from National Interests Toward International Harmonization with Emerging G-20 Leadership

Clyde Stoltenberg, Barbara Crutchfield George, Kathleen A. Lacey, Michael Cuthbert

The Board of Immigration Appeals's New Social Visibility Test for Determining Membership of a Particular Social Group in Asylum Claims and its Legal Policy Implications

Kristin A. Bresnahan

European Union Lobbying Post-Lisbon: An Economic Analysis

Henry Hauser

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