Beyond the Bush Era: International Human Rights Law Looking Forward

2009 Riesenfeld Symposium

Riesenfeld-2009Time: 1:00pm, April 23, 2009
Location: Room 110, Boalt Hall.

Event Overview:
The 2009 Riesenfeld Symposium, co-sponsored for the first time by the Berkeley Journal of International Law and the Boalt Hall Committee for Human Rights, examined the current status of human rights law, with a focus on how the framework of this legal system has been affected by the Bush Administration’s approach to international human rights law. The Symposium brought together students, scholars, and legal practitioners in a discussion that aims to refine and expand our understanding of how human rights norms operate in both the domestic and international contexts.

Following the event, a cocktail reception and dinner were held at the Bancroft Hotel, where Prof. Philip Alston was presented with the Stefan A. Riesenfeld Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of international law.

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